Andersen Electric Winches

Andersen Electric Winches offer the precision and reliability of an Andersen Manual Winch, with the convenience of push button control.  Andersen Standard Electric Winches are a great solution for solo or short-handed sailing, or for a large mainsail or genoa.  

Andersen also offers Compact Electric Winches for above-deck mast-mounted solutions, or for situations where below-deck space is limited.

All of the Andersen Electric Winches are design for extended offshore use, and come with an electronics box, switches and cable terminals.  The motor is equipped with thermal cutouts to prevent overheating, and amperage sensors to prevent overload.

Andersen electric winches are available in two range models:
- Standard Electric 2+1 (two manual and one electric speed)
- Standard Electric 2+2 (two manual and two electric speeds)